July 1, 2008

Random Stuff! (OK, maybe not.)

Break the law! Get free $150 Bluetooth headset!
Oh yes, it's true!

In the US, there's a new law stating that one should drive and talk to a cellphone using hands-free headsets. Of course, not all people can afford one, so now Headsets.com will give you a free headset when you send documentation about your offense which you'll probably pay the police officer for.

Plantronics Discovery 925 is the headset, and it retails for a hundred and fifty bucks, saving you lots of money even after paying some 20 or 50 dollars for that ticket.

Wow, maybe I should talk without a hands-free headset in the United States in the dangerous freeways. Now I'm talking about serious swag! *nods head frantically and grins*

Macs get update
I've seen people complain about Mac OS X Leopard's unreliability on laptops, but hopefully this new update will keep all the problems away. It features updates on iCal, Safari and a bunch of bug fixes and security improvements (as if it wasn't secure enough... at least for me!).

Unlike iTunes
Rhapsody, Real's music store becomes a better place as it offers full song previews before you actually buy a track. Like iTunes, it also has a low price.

Of course, Real will probably get some issues with this, namely because people can just open Sound Recorder, set up some options and record the song. Yay! Free song from legal store! Now I'm seriously not gonna be caught now! (Not to mention that Real's RealPlayer is spyware!!!!)

Can't We All Just Have One?
Rumors have emerged saying that the iPhone 3G, when it ships, will be one shiny brick that needs to be activated in the carrier once it actually ships. Hmm..., I'm curious to see how this will go down over here. Globe will probably have all the software about... right now that'll allow access to actually make the iPhone function, but who knows if a torrent will emerge having the same software they use so we can use Smart or Sun.

Hell, if Apple's expecting any money from this thing, and they would, then they should just make it an open line and screw American cellphone business practices. To be frank, being tied to just one carrier is simply annoying if you have to give up years building up an address book with the other. Can't Apple just give us an open line like the rest of them?

A Wacked-Out Music Video (Game)!
The classic SNES game Super Mario World gets a music video that's pretty wack- and it's long too!

Well, that's all for now.

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