July 10, 2008

Why the ID Stickers cost 200 pesos

Remember yesterday (or a few days ago, depending on your section) when CKSC requested all of us to surrender our ID's so they can update it. I thought it would be like last year when they would take a really long time to update our ID's, but for free. No, this time it was darn quick, and that's because they put on a sticker. By now, you'd think that this kind of thing would be free and the money used for them would probably be taken from our tuition fees, more specifically the Miscellaneous fees. But no, they charge us an extra 200 pesos! Now, this post is here to investigate why.

Theory 1: Special Labeler
Eons ago, my sister wanted a top-of-the-line Dynamo labeler. The unit was colored green, and the "bala" (labeling plastic whatever thingy) was silver. When she started typing out our names and stuck them to our books, it was pretty much the only thing we needed to put names on our books. No more printing, no more cutting, everything streamlined- not to mention really beautiful!

But days later, it actually broke down and my mom ended up scolding us. I forgot for what reason it broke, but that was it, it was broken.

So my first theory on this is that the people down there may have used a new kind of special labelers that can print Chinese. Why not? I mean, technology has gone so far when comparing to the tech years ago, so no, it's probably not a farfetched theory, nor is it also farfetched to say that the labelers they too were using broke down in a matter of a few minutes.

Theory 2: The Labeling Plastic thingy
Maybe it could also be the plastic thing that the labels are printed on. Look at it, it's got a plastic covering, and it's really, really hard to remove (without destroying it) unless you put enough into it.

And hey, with top-of-the-line Chinese writing labelers come top-of-the-line expensive plastic stuff. You can't go wrong with that combination!

Theory 3: The Labeling Plastic thingies are made of gold!
In the dark, there is a really distant shine to the ID sticker if you've got good eyesight. And maybe that's probably because these plastic things have a recessive gold gene!

Now, allow me to go all Biology on you.

1 pure plastic and 1 impure gold alloy mate.

See? There's a 50% chance that the things would have gold! And that's what Chiang Kai probably bought.

And how would they, you say?

Remember, gold is a conductor like copper. If they want to update our grade/section that gets displayed in the swiping process, then they'll need a conductor- and probably a microchip as well.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm really outraged at how they would charge 200 for a frickin sticker. But maybe these theories are pretty feasible enough to make me understand the reason behind it- not only inflation, but them!

P.S., If you take this post seriously, consider yourself f**ked.

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