August 7, 2008

50% Warrior, 50% Lover, 100% Retarded

Ever heard of the newest Disney film Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Yeah, I could make fun of its taglines in several, unforgiving ways, but no, that would be immature. So, what are my views on this trailer? Well, they're immaturely outraged.

If the trailer is any indication, the concept is stupid and unoriginal in the sense that it once again uses dogs (catchy songs in CGI flicks remind me of Madagascar, bleugh), it will confound, it will shock, it will suck.

You might be saying, "But awww, the dogs are cute, the song is catchy as hell, and it's Disney! DISNEY! Give it a chance, please!". Well, I'm sorry to report that Disney is not perfect. Remember: Disney made High School Musical and Hannah Montana. From a 10-year old girl's point-of-view, this may not be very bad, but from a more "knowledgeable" view, it's safe to say that Disney, too, does make mistakes.

But of course, Disney is pretty much having a hiatus from making good movies, and instead focusing on making more damn mistakes! If you don't know what I'm saying, look below!

I actually saw a life-sized cardboard cut-out of the main cast when we were in Robinson's Place to watch Mamma Mia, and when we came out of the theater, we saw that the cut-out was divided into 2. Hmm... looks like I have to find this person and befriend him/her.

Besides, what happens in HSM4? Senior summer? Spring break? Christmas vacation?

But going back to the topic, Beverly Hills Chihuahua is something I'd expect from a company like Dreamworks, not DISNEY. If Mr. Walt was here, he'd put a stop to this unless it was actually a good movie! But no, I condemn this movie to the very bone, and I'd bet Mr. Walt is rolling around his grave right now!

And a word of advice, but this is directed to Pixar, the incorruptible animation studio everyone can trust. DISASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH DISNEY NOW, pronto before you catch their illness! Back then, everyone thought Disney was incorruptible like you, but what do you know? They've got blood on their hands!

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