August 10, 2008

TV5: Does anyone care?

If you read the paper, you'd probably know about ABC 5's "final broadcast" as it was to be replaced by an "innovative, youth-oriented" channel called TV5. It's managed by the same people, but the thing here is that a Malaysian company bought rights to airtime, so there will most probably be an influx of Malaysian licenses and intellectual property that will be coursing through the channel's 24/7 schedule. The execs firmly believe that Filipinos won't be alienated by it, and that's because they will dub each foreign show in Filipino. Want to watch Dora in Filipino mode? You can for the first time ever.

So why is it touted as "innovative programming"? For starters, it goes out of the mold of daily teleseryes in the primetime block, and opting for something different each day. Also, it offers movies every 8pm on the weekdays, so every time you get back from work or from school, you always have something different to look out for, and you never really know for the most part.

Still, TV5 retains some of ABC's shows, most prominently Lucy Gomez's Shall We Dance competition.

Question is, though, does anybody actually care, or know about this? There were lots of prominent ads in the paper about "something new and fresh" that will unfold, and the pitch sounds like it will indeed live up to its promise. Still, it's hard to break a habit, and it will require more than a new transmitter to attract people.

What are your views on the rebooted Channel 5? Because it still seems the same to me for some reason. I'll go watch a whole day of this channel, alongside the other competing channels (ABS-CBN and GMA) and I'll elaborate and express my views on them.

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