August 13, 2008

Chinese own Americans this time

The all-star basketball team from the U.S. may have won against China last Sunday, but today- Day 5 of the Olympics- the Olympic gold goes to China, and how!

Today was female gymnastics, a sport which would mostly likely rack up the ratings- not only because of the ladies, but also for their skill. Yes, the skill in display was indeed prodigious, but China took that to the next level and was near perfection. These young ladies show their all, and apparently brought their A-game, because watching it made my jaw drop. There were no mistakes, there was some spectacular stunts, there was... perfection.

It's actually no surprise then, that the United States was relegated to Silver, which in itself is also an achievement. But this is just the beginning, and currently the United States have the most medals at 29 with China lagging at 26. One would just wonder what would happen next...

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