August 23, 2008

The Worst iPhone Apps

The iPhone has released, and you probably have become more or less an owner and you probably have already made an iTunes Store account, so here are some apps that you're better off ignoring, and that's because most of them will rip you off.

1) iBeer- ...or anything i, plus a drink (e.g., iMilk). If you think it's a fascinating demo of the iPhone's accelerometers, well the app doesn't do it any justice at all. It's not receptive to anything I do, and it's like it has a mind of its own because it exits by itself by draining the beer and burping and then exiting. Stupid, and will no doubt spawn even more clones that will try to improve upon its gimmicky nature.

2) PhoneSaber- Actually, this isn't exactly one of the worst iPhone apps, but personally, I'm not a fan of Star Wars so forgive me. Anyway, PhoneSaber is merely an app that, when you swipe in different directions, will give off various light saber sounds- a Jedi Junkie's dream come true.

3) Bejeweled 2- There's actually nothing wrong in terms of gameplay. Actually, it's pretty nice. But to get it, you have to pay 10 dollars. I mean, why pay 10 dollars when you can play it online for free? It deserves a lower price that's for sure.

4) Super Monkey Ball- I HATE Super Monkey Ball. Why? Well, for one thing, the controls are hard since you have to utilize the accelerometer (motion-sensing). There are no sensitivity settings, and sometimes the game is unresponsive to the controls! In fact, this game freezes a lot, but that's because the graphics are really nice and colorful, and the monkeys are cute. Plus, 10 dollars is a deal-breaker.

5) Ms. Pac-Man- It costs a lot less for the regular iPods (Nano and Classic) but it costs 10 dollars for the iPhone! Come on! 10 dollars for a Pac-Man game? And the accelerometer controls are joke, by the way.

6) LOLCATS- Errm... open this to get cats that are laughing. But at least it's free. Still, you might end up with a dead cat instead, so I don't think cat-lovers will like this...

Honorable Mentions (I haven't tried them, but others say they're good)
1) Enigmo- I've been wanting to try this, but I couldn't. Still, it won quite a lot of awards (Apple even gave it the Design Award in WWDC), and the game looks really nice. I'm not sure about how it works though, but they say it's definitely worth it.

2) Tris- This is the free version of Tetris (which also has an official version by Electronic Arts) and the blocks look polished. I'll be coming in with a review for this versus the official paid version in the future.

3) Comic Touch- I actually forgot to put this in the "Best" section, and using the iPhone's camera, you can take pictures and then Edit them and put speech and thought bubbles, which is really cool. You can even put some nice special effects identical to that of Photo Booth! It's worth it if you're the kind of person who likes putting captions on that opportune photo.

4) Picoli- I didn't try this intentionally, and that's because I don't have much use for it. Still, it is very much a really nice photo editing application! You can adjust sharpness, Brightness, Saturation, Illumination, Contrast, Color Balance, and more, more, more! ($4.99)

5) MobileChat- It supports AIM, ICQ, MobileMe, Windows Live, YM, GTalk and Jabber. In layman's terms: Instant Messaging on most platforms. But it's not free! Still, it offers file sending... and it has an interface similar to the Mac version of Yahoo! Messenger. ($2.99)

6) Palringo Instant Messenger- Who needs MobileChat when you have Palringo? This one is the free counterpart, but it's a bit more limited in terms of features. Especially since it logs out automatically when the Home Button is pressed. (Free)

7) Band- Ever seen the iBand videos? Well, this is the application behind them.

Bad Stuff I Haven't Tried (And Will Never Try)
1) Most Free Apps- There are of course a few exceptions, but most of the free applications in the App Store just suck!
2) Demos That Charge- There is one game that charges you cash when it's not even a full game! It's just a demo! And that, my friend, sucks a lot.
3) Gimmicky Stuff- The Lighter application, iBeer, iMilk... they're not free when they're not worth poop!

Well, that's all I can think of. But I will give you more info in the future.

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