August 21, 2008

I just noticed: It's iPhone day tomorrow, so here are some tips

I wonder how Apple got my E-Mail address, but there it was in my Inbox: the iPhone 3G is coming tomorrow. And despite my efforts of dissuading my father from buying that overpriced feature-stripped phone, he reserved the 8GB model. But anyway, I'm sure you too got suckered into the hype, so why not go along for the ride?

What is the point of this post, you say? Well, I'm actually gonna help you set up and personalize your new iPhone 3G once it gets out tomorrow by at least giving you tips on what is the best of the best of its much praised, much awaited new service: the App Store.

Of course, it's all judged by real experience, so yes, I myself have played these games and productivity apps. And I can safely say that most of the apps here are a new treat, but I'm not going to divulge on how I actually got to test them- not yet anyway- so now I bring you some of the best iPhone App Store Apps and Games. And if you were asking, yes, you can now make a real iTunes Store account using your parent's credit card for the Philippines.

Best of the Apps: These apps are worth your money.
1) Lumen- Damn, this game is hard! You have to let the laser pass through using your brain, and even the "Easy" puzzles will make you already scratch your head! ($1.99; Lite version is Free)

2) Lumina- It's simple: Follow the pattern. Get it right, get up a level. There's nothing really special about its presentation, and the simplicity is the beauty of it. You're simply given 4 glowing boxes and you have to follow and memorize the pattern it gives you. That's already addicting in itself! And it's not scripted either, it's random! ($1.99)

3) Labyrinth- Yes, you're given just a few demo puzzles, but you can download even more for free! What's more, this is one of the best motion-controlled games for the iPhone/iPod touch! It's responsive, and you don't have to set the sensitivity at all. Just get the ball to the checkered block, and proceed. It's harder than you'd think, and that's what's addicting about it. ($6.99; Lite version is Free)

4) Imangi- It's a simple word game. Just touch 2-whatever number of letters to form a word, and double tap the words that are glowing green to finish. No other twists, no time limit, just spotting as many words as you want. ($3.99)

5) Muddled- Oh my God, this is hooking! If you like Text Twist, this is its portable counterpart. It's almost a duplicate that I smell a lawsuit from GameHouse! If you don't know Text Twist, then here's a little background info: You are presented a few letters, and you should arrange them to form real words. If you form the longest word, you already get an instant ticket to the next round. If not, then get half the words. ($1.99)

6) Numba- Form consecutive numbers, odd consecutive numbers, even consecutive numbers, pattered numbers, etc. just by tapping a number and dragging your finger. For example, the blocks you see are 1, 2 and 3 together. You put your finger on the number 1 block and drag your finger to the number 3 block. Simple, but most addicting. ($6.99)

7) Tic Tac Touch- Bored out of your wits? Then play Tic Tac Toe with your iPod's Artificial Intelligence. Heck, you can even challenge a friend! ($1.99)

8) de Blob- The INKT Corp. has wiped all the color in the world, and it's your job as the titular character to bring it back. You can control it using the motion-controls or the touch-screen, and they both work very well! The controls are simple as well, and if you want to beat an enemy, you just touch a crosshair. Simple, but addicting. ($6.99)

9) Cro-Mag Rally- Although I'm not a fan of motion-control steering, and I was skeptical when Pangea Software introduced this, you can actually set how sensitive the phone is for better steering, and since then I've been having a ball. Get this! It's actually kind of funny. ($5.99)

10) Air Hockey! Fingertip Sports- Engage in 2 player matches, and tilt the iPhone to gain control of the puck, as well as control settings through the home screen's Settings button before you play. It does as advertised, although there is a bit of a problem with collision detection personally. ($2.99)

11) Remote- Apple's iPhone app enables you to literally get a remote control for iTunes (aside from the Apple Remotes that come with the Macs). Select your tune from afar, and your computer's speakers will follow. Just type a passcode and you're in! It's actually worth it even if it costed something! Get it if you have a Wi-Fi connection. (No Wi-Fi connection=no effect) (Free)

Just remember, you have to make an iTunes Store account before you download, and set it to the appropriate country!

Tomorrow, the worst of the lot!

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