September 29, 2008

Will Google pwn iPhone?

There has been plenty of news today about the much-touted iPhone OS killer Google Android being in T-Mobile's G1 phone. The phone was made by Taiwanese cellphone company HTC (and TBH, their phones are not so bad themselves) and is the only Google Android powered phone being launched to date. It was formerly supposed to be named the HTC Dream actually.
The phone is not much of a looker, but the OS sure is looking really swell- superior even. There's no telling if the software will be as user-friendly as various tech sites tout it to be, but one thing's for sure: this one's gonna be a huge beast of a competitor once developers start exploiting its open-source-ness. For the uninitiated, open-source means that the code written to empower some kind of program is open to anyone for modification so that updates will be regular and bugs are fixed faster. Heck, a few companies could even make enhancements and modifications to the program if they wanted to, and it would be a rather exciting prospect to gauge how creative companies are going to be with this new OS!

Like the iPhone, it has a touch screen, but it also has real, solid keys that reveal themselves if you slide the screen up like the popular Sidekick. And like the iPhone, it has a built-in music store that you can use to buy music anywhere, but it's the Amazon MP3 Store that's on the offering, and it's better because you won't have to worry about those pesky Digital Rights Management bull.

Plus, the third-party apps that are gonna be on this phone won't have to meet Google's approval if they want to post it unlike in Apple's App Store where updates roll out slowly because they have to go through Apple's inspection process. The Software Development Kit is also open-source, so many, many, many people will be able to make third-party apps for the OS- more than the App Store could ever potentially have.

Maybe this is more dependent from phone to phone, but the Android powered-G1 will have stuff the iPhone bafflingly doesn't like copy and paste, voice dialing, a removable battery, a Street View for Google Maps, a 3.2 megapixel camera and MMS. What it doesn't have however is a regular 3.5" headset jack and video recording, but the first (and for the latter's case, the current) iPhone didn't have that either.

Based on the many videos I've watched on this promising phone however, the OS will probably spark a series of chained events and Apple will be making a run for their touch screen money. This thing will rock the industry when the right phone comes along, but for now, the G1 won't be turning any heads anytime soon. The interface looks extremely easy to use, and sometimes even reminiscent to that of the iPhone and a desktop computer. I can't wait to try a Google Android phone out myself, but maybe I won't be betting on the G1nor Google Android to be the prophesied "iPhone killer"...

...for now.

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