September 28, 2008

iPod nano: What was supposed to be a hands-on T_T

"Hayop ito, grabe," said one man.

That particular man was the only thing between me and the attractive new iPod nano in our brief visit to the Power Mac Center- the only establishment that offers free trials of Apple stuff to the grubby hands of the masses, me included. And note the word brief. Which means no, I didn't have the chance to fiddle with it as the actual agenda of our visit to that store was to look for protective plastics for my brother's and sister's iPod classics.

But from what I saw, the screen real estate has been dramatically increased- or at least it seems to be the case- making for more than tolerable video viewing, and unlike the last generation nano, the Ken Burns montage of your album art has been relocated to the lower part of the menus for a better view of your song list.

I saw some video playback action going on, and as usual the screen looks stunning doing it- the only different thing is that you have to do this activity in landscape, not portrait.

And there ends the stuff I saw today as my father called for me to stop ogling at the impeccably gorgeous device as they could not find any plastic there. That's how brief that sighting turned out, although I did see a little girl trying out the new touch, which is not much when you've got a first generation iPod touch upgraded to the latest software (2.1) at your disposal. The only edge it has, however, is in the hardware. The design makes my first generation touch look like garbage, and the volume controls and built-in speaker sure help a hell of a lot even if in paper, these enhancements are seemingly petty.

The new classic makes an appearance, but I was like, "Meh... there's no reason to check the classic out... Next!".

The price of the new nano, however, I got to put in pictures when we went to Avant. Hmmm... makes me wonder how much it is in Greenhills?
CAPTION: I thought the 8GB nano would sell in Avant/Abenson for like, 10000. I was wrong. (P8900 or something is the price for 8GB). LOL, multiple price tags.

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