October 18, 2008

LittleBigPlanet and... Muslims? and other gaming news

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the PS3 game title LittleBigPlanet?

Well, it's certainly not the Qu'Ran (or Koran if you want)! If you don't know what LittleBigPlanet is, let me tell you what it is. Basically, it is/was an indie platformer game made by Media Molecule for the PS3. After a showing in the Game Developers' Conference in 2006, fans who were instantly charmed by its physics powered side-scrolling platforming gameplay, user-friendly powerful level editor and cute little Sackboy mascots have been obsessively following the game around. Actually, this week was supposed to be the worldwide release of the AAA title, but it was cut short as reported yesterday because...

...one of the songs in its otherwise "great soundtrack," as Gamespot says in their review, has lyrics that, when translated, are actually passages in the Qu'Ran. And if you're still stupid enough not to know what a Qu'Ran or Koran is, it's the holy book of Islamic believers.
Although Sony didn't exactly confirm the exact translation of the lyrics, they have set out to delay the game for yet another week and recall all shipped stock to rectify some demonstrations agianst the game that would result from rash judgment... so PS3 owners may have to wait for their 'killer app' at least another week.

But if you just can't resist waiting further, you can call Media Molecule and say you want a copy because you want to play with the cute Sackboys. Perhaps you'll get some free ROFL stickers as consolation?

Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams?
There's an alleged leaked trailer of the sequel to the critically praised Bioshock- an underwater shooter created by Take-Two that comes with the PS3 version of the game. Is it real? Well, it's convincing, so I'm placing my bet on the answer 'Yes'.

Left4Dead pre-orders surpass Orange Box
I want The Orange Box, but I also want Left4Dead. Man, Valve is always the come-to for great shooter games, and even though the zombie shooter Left4Dead has been announced since January 2007, it wasn't until Valve acquired Turtle Rock Studios- the people behind the uber-popular Half-Life hack Counter-Strike- that the Left4Dead hype train started to catch steam.
Now, pre-orders for the game have already surpassed that of the Orange Box- a compilation of Valve shooters- which has been certified Platinum.

If you want to know what Left4Dead is, it's an FPS that lets you play as a "character" in a horror-movie type setting. Basically, if you think horror movies aren't scary at all, then why not get adrenaline pumping by being in one? There will be some great multiplayer action and great cinematic moments, as well as a certain level of accessibility thanks to the "AI Director".

Fill out the gap
If you have Soul Calibur IV for the 360 or PS3, you'll see that, besides the overly ginormous mammaries of its characters, there is this little gap in between The Apprentice and Vader/Yoda. If you want to fill out that gap, you can pay 5 US bucks on the respective services of both consoles to get Vader for the 360 and Yoda for the PS3 on October 23. But personally, seeing Star Wars characters on a Soul Calibur game as a shameless plug for the purportedly terrible Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is still as uncomfortable as seeing the character Ivy. I don't know why.

CAPTION: Yoda sticks out like a sore thumb... with snot.

EA actually comes out with a great survival horror game
Hey! That's news to me!
Anyway, EA just released this atmospheric survival horror game in outerspace called, well, Dead Space. And so far, it has been receiving heaps of praise from the critics and players. Wow, I'm surprised as far as I'm concerned. Imma go try it out and "strategically dismember" some aliens.

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