October 15, 2008

Say hello to the redesigned MacBooks

Here's chronological coverage from the keynote:

No death jokes today, but there's a "State of the Mac" address by this guy Tim Cook. Basically, he's saying that the Mac has been selling better than ever and he's stating many of the obvious (and a few too proud claims) reasons of this. I won't enumerate them because the notebooks are supposed to be our focus today... and this keynote ain't exactly cooperating.

11 minutes later, the Keynote presentation switches slides to reveal "Notebooks". However, Steve wants to talk about new building technologies first- in layman's terms, their new way of manufacturing laptops and computers in general- and for the most part, I wasn't listening. To summarize this, they discovered this new method of being able to put a slab of aluminum and making the laptop through machine from this slab. This is the very method they used to make the ultra-thin MacBook Air, and now, the new MacBook and MacBook Pro.

8 minutes later, Steve finally gets into business.

Yep, they're replacing the crappy MacBook video card by Intel into a sensible nVidia (GEForce 9400M GT) graphics card which is 5 times faster. So now even MacBooks can play WoW, Doom 3, and just games in general.
Plus, the new trackpads are buttonless and made of GLASS. This entire pad is now the button (just push the entire thing anywhere your hand is) and it's powered by multi-touch (the same tech for iPhone). And yep, there are new gestures using 4 fingers. Expose can be used by 4 fingers sliding down or up, and well as app switching by swiping 4 fingers left or right.
The new MacBook Pro
WOW, full glass, black bezel, super-thin LED display, and... is it me or does it look a bit like the MacBook Air?
Well anyway, it's gonna have a graphics card that's 82% the power of the Mac Pro's (GEForce 9400M and GEForce 9400M GT both inside), aforementioned glass trackpads, it'll have connections on one side, and a nice sturdy body (which Steve Jobs let the audience feel and touch and pass around for quite a long time...).

Impressive battery life is abound with 5 hours in 9400M mode and 4 hours in 9400M GT mode. Why have switchable graphics modes? For the games, the video editing, and the graphics work of course! With this thing, you definitely don't need a desktop computer.

And what's this? A "Mini Display Port"? Jobs says that it's the new industry standard for displays so... OK.

And oh! Removable battery and hard drive (and it supports solid-state drives)! Thank God.

It's gonna start at $1999 for 15.4" 2.4GHz 256MB graphics and $2499 for 15.4" 2.53GhZ 320GB drive 512MB graphics. Now shipping so you may see one of these babies tomorrow.

Hey, no Blu-ray?

Upgraded MacBook Air
Now, the MacBook Air has faster graphics, 120GB hard drive or 128GB solid-state drive, a Mini-display port and still at $1799 and $2499. For the first time, it's at least a pretty decent investment now. If you wanna actually buy this model, it's going out November.

24" LED Cinema Display
A nice ultra-thin big-screen monitor that Jobs says is best with the MacBooks. But it's not only a simple monitor, it also has 3 USB ports, MagSafe charger for MacBooks, an iSight camera with microphone and an environment-friendly LED screen that also reduces its footprint. $899 is what you need to pay for this thing.

"Best-selling Mac. Ever." said Jobs.

Want a price reduction? You got it. Metal enclosure? You got it. Faster graphics? You effing got it. LED backlit display? Yep.

Behold! Black bezeled LED glass display, aluminum enclosure, nicer graphics by nVidia (GEForce 9400M), glass multi-touch buttonless trackpad, and Mini Display port plus 5 hours of battery life.Cost is $1299 for 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, $1599 for 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and backlit keyboard. If you want the older MacBook, you can get it for 1000 dollars. Shipping today.

There's always a story inside every part.

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