November 8, 2008

Movies Opening This Week (Week 2)

If you haven't been up to speed with my blog, I've started a new weekly habit in which I recommend movies that are opening in theaters anywhere (meaning that it's not only geologically locked to the Philippines) based on their trailers.

To be honest, there's a bit of a dry spell this week (read: Twilight will suck like Eragon) so there are only two movies in here.

The Dukes
This is about a group of has-been singers who lack money. So they break in a dental safe and find gold. But this is their first robbery attempt, so screw-ups are inevitable. I don't know the actors in here, though.

Role Models
A movie in the same vein as a Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow or the Farrelly Brothers, says one critic. If you like the movies made by these 3 people (or crude comedies in general), then you'll probably like Role Models. It's about two people who wouldn't exactly qualify as role models, but must become just that because they get sentenced to community service. It also features crowd favorite Christopher Mintz-Plasse who made his debut as McLovin in Superbad. (Ouch at that retort in the first part of the trailer, LOL.)

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