December 5, 2008

Liberty City doesn't run on your PC

There has been an outcry on Rockstar's critical darling Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA4), not because of any problems with the game, but with problems with the game.

Lemme explain.

After a long wait, PC purists can finally play through the sandbox world of Liberty City with Russian immigrant Niko Bellic and join the mayhem of online multiplayer. Content-wise, there's nothing wrong with the game, but experience-wise on the PC, there's a warehouse of problems- even on a rig that can play Crysis.

That's right folks, Liberty City has spared nary a PC from frame rate issues, small draw distances, and crashes, so it's no surprise that everyone's making a big fuss about it. Add the controversial SecureROM into the mix, and you've got a piece of anti-piracy poop.

It's a shame that I have to a.) find someone who has downloaded a torrent or; b.) download a torrent myself. But that is, after the patch comes, which would probably be like, 6 months from now or something. I've been waiting for a PC version to arrive, but I never knew its arrival would be nothing short of problematic.

Obviously, Rockstar Games is in for a field day of hate mail.

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