December 6, 2008

Tap tap tap to the next level

Tapulous, maker of popular iPhone apps, has sent me an e-mail regarding 2 major projects they have come out with, and I was just amazed when I clicked the iTunes Store link. Unfortunately, unlike the original Tap Tap Revenge, they're not free.

Featuring Technologic by Daft Punk as an unlockable, this game is a sneak peek of the future of the popular game, Tap Tap Revenge. I saw the screenshot with low expectations (because I thought that Tapulous was gonna start milking the popular app starting today) and I was just... blown away.
Tapulous has to make a few adjustments on it, because it kinda lags- and they know it.

I'm not that crazy about this one, but it's cute. If you wanna get on with the Christmas spirit (plus bonus tracks) then be my guest and get Christmas with Weezer and is actually probably the Tap Tap Revenge version that tries to milk the franchise. You know, like the Nine Inch Nails version. But I guess Tapulous has to pay the bills, eh? Don't really understand why Apple has to charge a hundred dollars a year for the App Store, TBH.

But is it me, or does the name Weezer sound like a nickname for a person with asthma?

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