January 27, 2009

Changeling Movie Review

Starring Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich
Warner Bros. Pictures

It's Los Angeles in the 20's and a suburban single mother suddenly finds out that her son is lost. She calls the police and 5 months later, her son comes back. The catch is, the boy's not her son as dictated by the woman's ever-reliable intuition, and soon enough she gets into the fight of her life. Where is her real son? Why is the boy lying? Is she just crazy? Maybe the police did something to the boy? Whatever the case, this is an intriguing mystery that'll leave you in the dark for oh so many a minute.

Many, many minutes.

For what seems like hours does the movie reveal its mysteries, and that's because there's simply something that feels so wrong about it's execution. You know the thing that's wrong about the execution? It's the fact that the movie tries to do too much at a time. It's like the topic of oppression and corruption were simply squeezed in so the younger ones will get a bit of something out of it thus resulting in the lack of focus to plot progression which is simply obnoxious.

What's so ironic is that it's pretty short, but said lack of focus to plot progression makes it feel that much longer. Hell, it will even fake-out on you! There'll be one point in the movie that will seem like an ending that'll be finished using some text, but no, it stays longer than that- and the saddest part is that the real ending actually left me feeling disappointed, despite the fact that it actually DOES that.

Aesthetically, it's great, and the acting? Nice. Otherwise, there's nothing as special as you'd think in this movie, although at first it can suck you in, and then... that craving for an ending.

Rating: 7.3/10

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