January 25, 2009

Movies Opening This Week (Week 10)

Revolutionary Road
Watched this year's Golden Globes? Watched Titanic?

Well if you've watched either of those, I'd assume that you already know the winning combination of di Caprio and Winslet, and how awesome the combination is, especially with Kate if the Globes can attest.

Anyway, the movie is based off the novel by Richard Yates, and is directed by American Beauty's Sam Mendes. It's about a couple living in the suburbs of the 1950's who are trying to come to terms with their personal problems whilst raising two children.

You'd think the producers would merely cash in on the lead stars (since they're oh-so profitable) but it doesn't. It seems that it will rely on the "I can relate to this" card to capture audiences, and with the acting prowess of the two I don't see anything going wrong with that.

A thriller that actually looks half-decent, Taken is about a former soldier whose daughter goes to Paris. Unfortunately, some people have taken her and her friend, so the soldier marches on to find out the mystery.

Some have said that it is a bit demoralized despite the fact that it's directed by a Frenchman though.

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