January 24, 2009

Mac turns 25

A big-budget commercial filmed by none other than Ridley Scott. An interface that changed the whole world. A relatively low price at the time. All the things we take for granted in the present, and the way we think about computers today, can be attributed to Apple, and maybe that legendary, introductory ad as well.
It was a time of IBM's dominance in the market, and Apple's ad represented the IBM monopoly. That girl represented the Mac, and its sheer difference from the competition back in the day. It still remains one of the most expensive TV spots of all time as it cost 100,000 short of a million dollars, and was based on the book 1984.

It helped popularize the mouse, drag-and-drop, double-click and generally the Graphical User Interface- meaning every little thing you currently see on your computer, cellphone, camera, and lots, lots more.

It was aimed at simplicity and ease of use- something that holds true today- and it took the world by storm.

We don't have to cover the ironies of the Apple of today, nor do we have to mention Microsoft's adoption of the technology a year later, as today's spotlight is simply focused on the ever-influential Macintosh.

So on this day of tech history, I give my salutations to the original Macintosh- we owe you lots.

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