January 18, 2009

Movies Opening This Week (Week 9)

It's yet another adventure from Brendan Fraser- Mummy killer extraordinaire.

The premise is semi-Bedtime Stories, but perhaps better. Based from Cornelia Funke's best-selling book, Inkheart is about a dad and his daughter who make fictional characters leap out of the book and into reality. When Gollum- err, the baddie in the book sprouts out into reality as well, he kidnaps the dad and it's up to the daughter to save him- with a little help from her fictional friends.

I'm kind of surprised that Brendan is the one playing the damsel- err, dude in distress, but I suppose he will still have his share of action regardless.

Early reviews have already raved about its non-stop action, and pleasing cast starring Brendan Fraser, Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent. Many user comments on the trailer's YouTube page comment about the book's superiority- but what movie doesn't bend a book nowadays?

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