March 11, 2009

Doing What the Sheep Do

Since everyone else is doing lists of their summer plans, maybe I will too.

What I may or may not do:
1) Finish the Endless Setlist. I cower every time I see the "Endless Setlist" in Rock Band 2 just mocking- laughing at me. It stares me in the eye and says, "Are you man enough, bitch? Are you man enough to finish 84 frigging songs?"

2) Learn the basics of Objective-C. I know that you know that I'm cheap and greedy for money. Well, guess what, I'm gonna get ambitious and start learning a programming language called Objective-C. What is it? It's basically the foundation for iPhone apps. And what do I get from iPhone apps? Money. If a fart app can yield a ten thousand dollar profit for a few months, then...

3) Get my YouTube channel workin'. Maybe I'll do some videos out of boredom. Who knows?

4) Finish many games. Piracy can spoil a person. Because of this, I become fickle and I don't finish them at all.

5) Upgrade Final Cut Pro. I just hate that the version of Final Cut Pro I have in this Mac can't support different formats in one project which makes no sense.

6) Get back to hardcore gaming. For the past school year it has been more of App Store and Wii gaming. While there are indeed hardcore games on the Wii (unfortunately they have yet to be available in Tutuban), I gotta get to my Windows PC. Well, if only it didn't randomly restart that is.

7) Read more books. I seemed to start getting back into my reading groove in December, but the long test nipped it right in the bud.

8) Lose pounds. 'Nuff said.

1) Master Objective-C- See Short-term #2; Maybe I can use this in the future, sideline :D

2) Learn AfterEffects- Special effects for movies. Not only in school projects, but maybe for my own entertainment or profit.

3) Master Final Cut Pro- I have an overly basic background on this program, and it's so basic, that I can't even take advantage of the software. When bundled with a mastery of AfterEffects, well, perhaps my mind will get blown.

4) Expand my vocabulary- There's no such thing as too much knowledge... of words.

Of course, I definitely will not do everything, but here they are- my plans.

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