March 17, 2009

Movies Opening This Week (Week 15)

We got two kinds of romance going on: spies and man love.

Starring huge names like Clive Owen and Julia Roberts (and directed by Michael Clayton scribe and director Tony Gilroy), Duplicity pairs the two A-listers as former agents engaged in an illicit love affair. This love affair is made more convenient by their positions in two rival companies, but since they have to do their lucrative jobs, they have to also engage in a high-stakes espionage game that might break their trust in one another. Sound familiar? Well, it kinda reminds of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

I Love You Man
Now here is an example of what seems to be a very amusing err..., not exactly a rom-com, but sort of?

Well, anyway, I Love You Man stars Paul Rudd as a man named Peter who just got engaged to his girlfriend. Thing is, he doesn't really have a guy best friend- just girls- and now, to get a best man for the wedding, he goes in a search to find the ideal guy friend for the post. You know what, I smell predictability (and does the trailer show a bit too much?), but I don't care because the trailer made me LOL...

Movie you should not watch (but everyone still will anyway):
The big draw in the film is Nicholas Cage, well, him and the apocalyptic premise anyway. The film is about Cage's son discovering a paper that's full of numbers. Cage figures out that these numbers are actually dates of disasters and the number of deaths in each of them. Thing is, they're all correct, and now Cage will try to avert them and manipulate God's hand.

Why shouldn't you watch it? Because nearly every single movie that involves Nicholas Cage (except Grindhouse, but then again he only plays a part in a fake trailer) is either mediocre or just dumb. Now this ludicrous movie comes along and his hair still looks real bad.

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