March 25, 2009

Run Crysis on a Netbook with OnLive

So what is this newfangled new gaming service called OnLive, you say? Theoretically, it will let you play any game on any computer regardless if it is Windows or Mac, Pentium 4 or Nehalem. All you need is a *fast* Internet connection.
How does it work? Well, let's say you're always on an Internet connection, and let's say that you have purchased a subscription to the service. Now you can log on to the service and select whatever the hell game you want to play. Oh, I don't know... Crysis?
Now, we're on the game and it's running in full speed. Why? Because the service streams the game to you from a real state-of-the-art computer through the Internet, and you are able to control the character in real-time.

Exciting, no?

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that the service won't be released here in the Philippines, and you have to get into a paid monthly subscription ala Xbox Live Gold, and the connection speed may have to get beefed up over here unless you still want to play with high-quality lag.

While this concept is very much innovative, and the major publishers are on board, I have a bad feeling about this. There is just as much chance for this project to tank as it is to succeed. And if it really wants to succeed, it should try the Asian market, Korea first then branch out probably.

Anyway, here's a demo video courtesy of Gamespot.

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