March 30, 2009

Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang review

A Filipino film made during the rather lucrative 70s, Lino Brocka's social commentary has been restored and put to DVD, thus my access to what many regard as a masterpiece. I gotta say, it is quite a piece of work, and it has managed to actually stay rather relevant in these modern times.

So what is it about? Well, it stars a really young Christopher de Leon in his first role as Junior. His family is rather dysfunctional as his father is a womanizer and his mom, well, is his mom in real life. Anyway, Junior finds solace in the company of leper Berto and village idiot Kuala and learns values of love and life while witnessing the sheer hypocrisy that a charitable association in their barangay possesses.

Powerful images are abound from start to finish, and you'll get rather captivated and curious as to how the story will unfold. Surely enough, it has a really great way of rolling out its sub-plots that tie into its climactic ending, and that's no mean feat. I mean, it has quite a few sub-plots that you could also classify the movie into other genres as well: coming-of-age story, romance story, social discrimination story, take your pick.

Director Lino Brocka weaves them so seamlessly and effectively to the main story and gives structure to the searing commentary.

The film dares to ask you one question, "Would you truly, really help the misfits in your community?". Perhaps, in text form, it sounds rather lame, but I'm telling you that it isn't so lame when you see a bit of yourself in this movie.

While the film is extremely grainy, there's something to think about when you go and watch this good film. It presents powerful images, an ingenious use of indigenous instruments, and a great smooth storyline that in its underlying message is extremely thought-provoking.

Rating: 9/10

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