April 1, 2009

YouTube presents New Viewing Experience

Google likes to give more options to fit more people, and that's why they've formed the YouTube New Viewing Experience to be tested in this day, April 1.

However, it's still in a closed beta, meaning that it is formally accessible to a small amount of users. A simple addition to the address bar will get you to the new viewing experience though. At the end of the video URL, just add "&flip=1" minus the quotation marks. Truly, it is awesome.

"We're giving people a new way to view their videos in that innovative Google fashion you expect. While the roll-out will take a while, we have received a daunting amount of great responses from our selective beta, and responses are what make YouTube and Google a lot better," said Chad Hurley, CEO of YouTube.

For more details on how to enjoy this experience better, click here.

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