April 2, 2009

Harmonix confirms "imaginative" DLC

There's nothing better in a plastic axe gamer's week than new songs to download. While we oversaw the release of Journey, Pat Benatar and Spongebob songs a couple days ago, a Harmonix insider has also confirmed a few more songs coming next week aside from Toby Keith.

I sat down with a friend of mine who worked at Harmonix, and he told me something more than I can swallow.

"We got such a warm reception over the Spongebob DLC, that we've decided to expand our horizons yet again," says the insider who wishes to remain anonymous. He showed (shoved?) a flyer "accidentally" on my face.

The Conficker worm got this for me.

Indeed, Harmonix wasn't kidding when it announced the kids' show Barney as part of the new downloadable content available for Rock Band and Rock Band 2. It features exclusive tracks made just for the game, meaning that the ever-famous "I Love You" song has been added in and reproduced for the game.

It doesn't stop there, all-new tracks for your toddlers have been added as well in this planned three-pack release. Aside from "I Love You", it also has "Let's Go BJ" and "Imagination in the House".

"These three songs will not only ease toddlers into the game, it will also let them learn about the facts of life," commented the insider. "In fact, 'Imagination' was so catchy, I'll sing a few lines for ya."

We can do it in the bedroom,
perhaps the bathroom,
maybe in the living room too.
Just remember that
your Uncle Barney loves you...

And that was when he got a call and said he had to leave. I had one last question for him, though: surely there was more than Barney coming?

"Well, we also had our share of hate when we revealed the Spongebob pack, so we had Journey to shut them up. Next week we release Toby Keith to shut them up as well."

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