April 17, 2009

Nokia and Microsoft sue each other

It may sound as if Nokia's defending a filed trademark of a phone that doesn't exist yet, but this case is a bit dumber than you'd typically expect.

Nokia has sued Microsoft for "copyright infringement" due to the widespread use of the code "E74" without consent of Nokia. Microsoft countersued Nokia because of this rather rash action.

"Like any company, we have to protect our intellectual property. Microsoft crossed the line when they illegally made possible the widespread use of the trademark," commented a Nokia representative who refused to be named, "our E75 phones are about to come out this month, and now Microsoft is capitalizing on our much-awaited phone by putting one number off the name! I dare say, this is even worse than China!"

Microsoft has yet to comment as of this writing. Meh, they're probably too busy.

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