April 16, 2009

Rock Band PSP may not be ludicrous at all

Sony announced its 2009 PSP line-up, and when the words "Rock Band Unplugged" were uttered, it was met by skepticism- my skepticism. However, the words "Amplitude" and "Frequency" were thrown around, and as far as I know, people consider those two Harmonix games as classics.

So with that in mind, Rock Band Unplugged may be a back-to-basics tour for the guys at Harmonix, and instead of a huge arena, the performance would be held in a little intimate locale. OK, maybe I stole that analogy from a Sarcastic Gamer article but thing is, it's a return to Harmonix's roots this time around, and it may just sell plenty because of the Rock Band name alone unlike the games that inspired it.

Personally, I haven't played Amplitude nor Frequency so I can't really judge, but with all the videos I've seen it looks like a lot of button-mashing and micro-management- with an great soundtrack. I don't own a PSP, but I'd like to try that kind of gameplay- it seems pretty damn addicting.

Another big draw for this game is the downloadable content- a first for a PSP game (I think)- that's gonna be available, and there'll be 10 exclusive songs at launch. The most downloaded songs in Rock Band's console counterparts will also make it to the PSP game.

Put a tab on this, PSP owners. June 6 will be the date.
As for me, I'll wait for the Wii version of that Beatles game. I'm surprisingly excited to be playing some Beatles songs- Rock Band style. But that could be for another post (or maybe even a review?).

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