May 5, 2009

Passengers Review

Anne Hathaway

Usually, Anne Hathaway knows what projects to pick- the key word being "usually". True, Get Smart wasn't very unique nor as smart as you'd like, but at least it was funny. This time around though, she commits another Bride Wars with the movie Passengers- basically her The Sixth Sense. Every good actress has "that" once in a while, so if you're a fan of hers, don't fret- it's a phase.

So... Passengers. It involves "thrills", it involves a mystery, and most of all, it involves dead people minus Haley Joel Osment.

So what else is new?

Basically, she plays a psychiatrist who is in charge of several plane crash survivors. Their memories seem to differ and some of them just can't remember the pivotal point of the plane crash- basically, they don't remember no crash!

This is when Claire, Hathaway's character, starts to become suspicious about all this. Is some big government agency brainwashing the survivors? Is the airline company brainwashing them to cover something up? Maybe the survivors just had amnesia? Those are the questions that will hound you throughout the movie, but the predictability (you just know that she'll romance one of them so-called survivors) and the ending (more on that later), put all interest to rest.

While performances are perfectly on par with the genre, this is also the problem. Even Hathaway who blew me freaking away with the sluggish Rachel Getting Married, wasn't able to escape being trapped by conventions dictated by the genre. And as for the story? Well, it's perfectly mediocre until the twist at the ending, but the ending doesn't really change my idea of the film being mediocre- it just worsens my grade on the flick.

Everyone's probably watched a movie with bullsh*t syndrome some time. It typically starts with an adventure and at the end it's all bullsh*t because the film would explain the plot by being lazy (eg, "it was all a dream"), and this film's ending? You have no idea how much contrived bullsh*t there is in this film's ending. When you watch it, you'll be able to relate, because it will make you feel ripped off like all those other movies with bullsh*t syndrome. I mean, this ending- while an admittedly semi-unique twist to the mediocre movie- just makes the whole film feel like f**king bullsh*t, and I hate films that do this because these kinds of explanations are downright lazy and stupid.

True, you'll feel "the shock", but after that initial reaction, there'll be nothing left for you to want about the movie. Perhaps you'll ask a question or two because of the rather "slippery" editing at times but otherwise, you'll just go and forget about the film.

Rating: 4.5/10

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