May 2, 2009

Movies Opening This Week: KHAAAAAN! Edition

It's been a while since William Shatner last uttered the famous line, "KHAAAN!" as Captain Kirk. Personally, he would've been a first choice for a cameo, but then again, I wouldn't want a Boston Legal without Denny Crane, so I'll let Abrams go.

What the hell am I talking about?

Star Trek
Famed director J. J. Abrams is responsible for overhauling the series for 2009 audiences, and as early reception can attest, it's causing nerd-gasms all over the nation of America- or at least, nerd-gasms from all those fans flocking to those advance screenings.

So what is it about anyway? Well, this reboot covers uhh... the U.S.S. Enterprise's maiden voyage with an also new crew. The distinct personalities of the ship's crew will lead to some mayhem, and... I don't know what the hell else there is to it!

But seriously, I think this is a must-watch even without knowledge of the Star Trek universe (which includes me... that William Shatner reference is just too famous which is why I know about it). Hell, this is a reboot anyway!

There's actually quite a bit of action, the cast seems pretty decent (probably the only doubtful casting choice for me was Chris Pine as Captain Kirk) and it just looks mind-blowing judging from the trailer! Personally, it's an instant trip to the theater.

You don't have to be on coke to enjoy Star Trek, but this next flick has all the coke you need.

Next Day Air
I'm not necessarily recommending this flick, but it looks just okay. The trailer wasn't exactly very funny, but it has Mos Def in it!

Anyway, it's about two guys who get a box of grade-A cocaine as a result of a delivery mix-up. They use the opportunity to sell it and be rich. Unfortunately, the guy next door who was supposed to be the recipient, reported it to the druglord and all hell breaks loose afterwards.

Not for everybody (especially not for the whole family since it seems as if it will have a little girl-on-girl action based on the trailer), but who knows? It might actually be decent.

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