June 13, 2009

Movies Opening This Week: What's Wrong With Canada? Edition

In TV and the movies, a lot of people are not exactly fond of being deported. I can understand if their country has the image of a hellhole, but is Canada really worth leaving when it seems to have such a pretty nice and clean reputation? And how about that free health care?

The Proposal
Obviously, a rom-com will be the last place you'd expect anybody to discuss the weird irrationality of the wrongness of Canada... or Alaska for that matter.

Set in a premise that probably any Canadian immigrant would relate to (yes, there might've been a hint of sarcasm), The Proposal stars the Sandra Bullock as the witch boss Margaret and Ryan Reynolds as Margaret's employee Andrew. Margaret apparently is a Canadian, and she has to be deported for some reason. Her solution? Marry the next guy who opens the door, who by the way in real life is pretty much Canadian. What an ironic turn of fact and fiction.

Predictable, this will be. Charming? Well, Betty White is.

Why don't we go back to simpler times? Why do people have to care about immigration and nationality and citizenship anyway? Why can't we go back to...

Year One
OK, maybe that's going a bit too far. But if Jack Black and Michael Cera were our ancestors... uhh... we'd probably all get along and be funny all the time. Maybe some will even go as far as becoming a funny criminal mastermind. That's why we have the Joker right?

Lame joking aside, Year One is actually kinda funny. It's basically about two people who go on a "road trip" through different periods of time. They meet some rather familiar characters and go through some rather familiar key situations in history that kinda shaped humanity forever. Basically, this is Jack Black's take on history. And I don't know how far they'll actually go with this, but I don't think there's any remote sign of aging.

I have to admit, the trailer made a laugh a bit, but I'm not sure if it exactly warrants a trip to the theater. Still, with the king of awkward Michael Cera and the king of loud Jack Black together, the pairing may likely cause much hilarity. You know what, I'm gonna wait for the reviews because I kinda like what I see in the trailer.

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