June 16, 2009

Opera Unite - probably gonna be used in piracy circles

You've probably never heard of a humble browser called Opera, yet for so long it has continued to evolve so much but noticed so little. It's no surprise then, that not all of the major news sites have taken any notice to the browser's new major addition called Opera Unite.
From the looks of it, Opera is proposing a mini-web server that you own so you can share files privately and cut the middlemen out of the process. It's probably so that things will likely be a bit more secure because it's "your" server and nobody else's. This will probably allow for more direct and more secure file transfers, communication, etc..

I myself am not even sure what it's supposed to actually do. But from what I've seen, I think it's like a social networking startup- you get a basic webpage, you can add some apps and even share files. It's proposed that you'll have "complete control" over all the data you upload on your own server so if you distribute illegal stuff over the service, it's probably gonna have to be you that's gonna be sent a cease and desist letter since, well, Opera probably doesn't control it.

More innocent uses, however, include collaboration with other people with Word files and the like, note-posting that your friends will be able to see (or the other way around) or just music sampling with friends through uploading music in your server so that they can listen to the actual song (aka, so your friends can insult your bad taste) but in a more private fashion. You can also share files with other people even if they use other browsers (including mobile ones) but you'll have to send them a special password for it to work.

I don't think it's gonna shape anything for now, but I don't know. Opera needs to provide more information as to how it actually works-- and in plain language.

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