July 13, 2009

Tangerine! gives you control over your music

If iTunes' built-in Genius feature and anonymous info sharing doesn't do it for you, you could always go to Pandora. But since that service doesn't work in the Philippines either, it only seems fair that a third-party app that works offline could be considered, and what better way to rediscover and get the beat you want than to get Tangerine! for the Mac?
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The catch here is that the program will analyze your whole iTunes library ala the aforementioned Genius, but won't send the information to some server in Barbados, it will locally process the music by their beats per minute (BPM), so say, if you want all your songs to be fast when you pump for your weekly jogging routine, you can do so.
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This is the only preset the program comes with, but you can make your own presets by adjusting the properties and editing some rules if you want to, say, omit a certain artist or album from the analyzation.
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After a few seconds, the playlist will appear. You can delete songs as you please, listen to the whole playlist from the app, or just save the playlist to iTunes if you like it so you can sync it to your iPod.
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You don't even have to worry about the analyzing process, because analysis of about 2199 songs (in this iMac I'm typing on) takes just 8 minutes!
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Obviously, the app isn't perfect, but a little fine-tuning here and there will help let you enjoy the songs you might want to hear (but didn't think of playing).

Exclusive for the Macintosh. [15 day trial link; $25]

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