July 15, 2009

iPhone App of the Week: Movie Lingo

Despite the release of the high-profile Rolando 2 and the equally high-profile addition of the Jackson 5's ABC to the free Tap Tap Revenge 2's collection of downloadable content, I chose to go with something free and decidedly simple-- I chose Movie Lingo.

A really fun, simple app that requires an Internet connection and your wrist's motor skill, Movie Lingo is basically a movie line generator that will make you guess which movie a line came from.

It comes in a package that will definitely remind you of another app called Urbanspoon, but at least it's more usable in the sense that it's not geographically locked to the US.

When you start the app, it will locate your 3G or Wi-Fi connection and present you the relatively clean main interface. You can either press the green Shake button, shake the whole iDevice, or lock on to a specific genre or decade by tapping the lock/s before shaking (as shown in below picture).

Whatever you do, the choices will scroll like a slot machine in Vegas while loading the line it wants you to guess the movie from...

Once it makes up its mind, the sound clip will play. If you want to reveal the movie, you can finally press the blue arrowed button.

You'll get an iPod-like interface wherein playback controls (so if you want to play the line again) are at the bottom while the movie poster makes up most of the screen. The button with the sort of "bullet list" icon lets you see the synopsis too.

There are other options that let you set whether you want to share the line on your Facebook Wall, bookmark the line for later listening, as well as even add the movie to your Netflix queue or buy the DVD on Amazon!

There are only three minor cons to this fun, free app: first is that you'll always need an Internet connection (because otherwise, the app will automatically exit by itself), second is that lines of the '00 decade only consist of comedies (at least, based from my experience), and third is that even only after 3 or 4 shakes, the lines repeat already! I don't know if it's because it was too lazy to download or the Internet disconnected during the shake process, but it kinda sucks to see that even an Internet-only app that generates random movie lines isn't exactly random.

But why should I even complain? It's free. That's all there is to it.

Rating: 7/10 [iTunes Store Link; come on, it's free!]

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