July 17, 2009

Movies Opening This Week: Those Graphics Were Great Edition

Another year, another Nic Cage movie. Wait a sec, didn't I already say that last time? (No, I didn't... And kinda did.) Anyway, the man gets a bit of a lower sense of prominence since his new movie is a bit more of an ensemble piece... and did I mention it was in CG?


Disney's at it again with their CGI crap, and now they're kind of cashing in on the success of the Bolt's own hamster character. But unlike that good movie, this movie will definitely, simply suck. I mean, come on, hamsters that are super-spies escape their prison (a pet shop) and save the world from a big baddie? Really?

Ultimately, it's geared for kids, thus the premise. With that in mind, I'll just say that... the graphics are pretty great-looking.

But enough child's play, let's go to a movie with... uhhm... a child.


Esther is mature for her age, but when you insult her, you're a dead bitch.

Apparently, this movie's marketing is leaning strongly on the Esther character. Why does she act like she has PMS? Why does she kill people? Well, we'll find out when the movie opens then! The editing of the trailer is really good as it sets an intense mood, but will the film hold up?

Truly, it reminds me of movies like The Orphange or hell, Dark Water among many others.

I wonder if they'll use guns to kill her?

But I do know one movie that uses a lot of guns, and that's the high-profile Public Enemies.

2F6CA52E-3396-4CD5-87A2-3DD12C3B94AA.jpgPublic Enemies

Michael Mann returns from his Miami Vice slump with this new movie starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale-- probably two of the biggest actors right now. I know a lot of people will flock to the theater just to see the star power, but personally I think I'm gonna wait for the DVD.

I've heard a lot of the reviews stating that Johnny Depp is a bit subdued while Christian Bale is uninteresting. I'll let my eyes decide when I watch it, but these two adjectives are not exactly the first things that come to mind when you come up with such a cast. Other things that spring to mind include the fact that it's only shot on a consumer HD camera. If you're gonna make Crank, fine, use the cheapest HD cam you can find. But if you're making a period piece such as this, you might as well kill yourself. I mean, we're talking about Michael Mann here, so there's probably gonna be a handful of intense gunfights. But what good are these nicely choreographed shots when they're blurry and pixelated?

Damn it, I'm talking too much right now. Maybe I'll lighten up with a little Gerard Butler...

070A258D-221B-4D62-ABB9-1092AC113840.jpgThe Ugly Truth

To tell you the truth, I don't understand how the title applies to the new romantic comedy. I mean, it's not like there's a mystery to it.

Set in the modern world, it's about a producer named Abby (Katherine Heigl) who falls in love with the surgeon next door. She looks for advice in the form of "love guru" and sports commentator Mike (Gerard Butler) who promises to spill the beans about sexual tension, men and women, etc. etc..

Obviously, this is gonna be the same fluffy, light, typical rom-com fare. But I think it will be good only because Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler are pretty charismatic. You've seen this movie before, but you probably never saw it with these two, so it's safe to say that it just might be slightly above mediocre. Of course, I'm just judging from the trailer because it's admittedly pretty funny. Who knows if the movie will actually be crap?
This movie also reminds me of another one... can't really whip up its name though.

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