June 6, 2009

Movies Opening This Week: Where's The Joke Edition

Another year, another Eddie Murphy flick. Is it funny? I don't know, I didn't see much of the jokes in the trailer of his new family film...

Imagine That
Now he's taking a break from playing multiple roles and putting on prosthetics for something you could call simple- a harmless family film... with a gangsta kid or something.

Quite personally, the trailer didn't make me laugh once. Even the most obvious joke, the one with the "What am I, the Queen of England?", didn't make me laugh. My take is that it will be some harmless flick that is in nobody's radar, and will be reminiscent of Bedtime Stories minus the box office returns. Honestly, I didn't really get the premise of the movie when I watched the trailer, I just assumed that what his daughter drew was true. Wow, sounds like something that could've been better off in a horror movie.

Alas, this is at least an original script (but not much of an original film). The next movie opening in theaters everywhere is actually a remake of a classic book that was made into a classic film.

The Taking of Pelham 123
Denzel Washington and John Travolta star in a thriller about trains in Pelham station in the Bronx. Basically, Denzel plays the good guy named Walter and monitors train routes and stuff. Travolta is obviously the bad guy as marked by his sinister facial hair. This guy leads a hijacking of train 123. He wants money. They give it to him- or at least try to do so- because if not, a passenger dies.

My God, it sounds like a great premise for a really sadistic reality show. But then again, the movie has potential, I guess. With big names like that, it better be at least half-decent.

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