June 3, 2009

E3 '09: Sony has a Wiimote too!

You know what? The "live blog but not live" format works for me. Yes, here it is again, but with bold and italics for good measure.

Sony impressed this year by promising more games. It seems 2010 is shaping up to be a really exciting year for PS3 owners. I'm jealous, quite frankly.
The iconic face buttons of the PlayStation appear in a video, then gigantic PSP, PS3, PS2 units and the PSN logo grow out of the ground and games are revealed. Quite a few there.

Jack Tretton, President and CEO for Sony, comes on stage. He acknowledges the PSP Go leak and that "we are not gonna be outdone by anyone". "2009 is gonna be the best year for us. Entertainment experience second to none."

The PS2 is shown and Tretton points out the recent price drops and makes his own spin on the PS2 outselling PS3. Smooth...

Now the man talks about expanding Sony's coverage in Latin America... the PSN's growth... inFAMOUS...

He calls out the Naughty Dog team to demo Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The multiplayer beta came out a few days ago, now the single-player is gonna be demoed.

Really nice graphics and animation... Nice cover system and destructible environments... Very intense... very awesome...

Tretton comes back on stage- no, come back Naughty Dog!- and he now re-unveils Zipper's MAG, the 256-player action extravaganza.

Zipper Interactive peeps demo the game live, and that truly is a lot of people fighting each other. There wasn't much to what he showed, but at least the graphics weren't sacrificed for less lag.

The PSP takes the spotlight. Sales figures, sales figures, sales figures. Now he announces bundles of Rock Band, Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed and a Hannah Montana PSP bundle that comes in Lilac Pink. Audience claps mockingly.

Kaz Hirai gets called to go on stage. He hints at the PSP Go. "For those who live a digital lifestyle and do not want a UMD nor tangible media. We call it the PSP Go. It will not replace the PSP-3000 and the UMD."

It looks pretty good. Small screen, slides out the controller, and obviously lighter and smaller than the PSP. It has 16GB, built-in Wi-Fi, downloadable movies and games, Bluetooth and M2 (memory stick micro) support.

Media Go will come bundled with PSP Go (?) and it will have access to the PSN for the PC users.

SensMe will also launch on the PSP and the PSP Go. It's the same music mood detector thingy found on Sony Ericsson Walkman phones.

80% less production costs is the long-term goal to the PSP construction. I don't know why he said that.

PSP Go will launch at $249 and 249 euros (or 12000 pesos) and will launch simultaneously on America and Europe respectively.

The video delivery service gets tackled by Hirai. He boasts more than 100 TV shows and movies each, and will come to the PSP. "It's easier than ever to download movies to the PSP directly." He announces a lot more content providers ranging from G4 to Anime.

Polyphony Digital's Kazunouri Yamauchi gets called to the stage to demo Gran Turismo for the PSP. He demoes it on the PSP Go, but no footage until the end of his speech. "It's a full-scale Gran Turismo, running at 60fps, and will feature 800 cars as well as 4 player matches through Wi-Fi and the trading and sharing of parts from your Garage."

A video for Gran Turismo is shown, and it looks really hot for a PSP game. October 1, 2009 is the release date along with the PSP Go.

Hirai comes back on stage to talk about Metal Gear Solid, it seems. Yep, Hideo Kojima is gonna come on stage. Obviously, he's gonna announce some Metal Gear game for the PSP. Yep, it's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and it's set 10 years after Metal Gear Solid 3. Kojima is such a press conference whore.

Peace Walker's trailer is shown and... it looks pretty good. Funny part at the end.

Tretton comes back and Hirai leaves. He announces Resident Evil for the PSP as well as LittleBigPlanet, PSP, Motorstorm, Hannah Montana and Harry Potter.

A video rolls and it's about the PSP games of 2009. It seems like a lot, but how many of those games are actually good ones?

Tretton also announces that Final Fantasy VII is now coming to the PSN, along with more than 50 classic PS1 games. He turns to Home- does it still exist?- and talks about how it's such a great seller for developers. -yawn- A video about it rolls... spare me your lonely lives.

"2009 is the year for content on the PS3," he says, to my surprise since I thought this conference already became a PSP conference, "here's a video of all the great content coming to PS3." and yet another video rolls. Fine, we get it, there are loads more PS3 titles coming out than last year ever had. Unfortunately a lot more of these games are multiplatform. It's long too.

Rockstar Games suddenly gets mentioned, and it seems that there's an exclusive IP for the PS3. It's called Agent. Next, Ubisoft gets a mention for Assassin's Creed 2. And it seems it's gonna be demoed on the PS3.

The game is set in the Italian Renaissance, and the art direction looks really good. Still, is the costume of the new assassin in this game standing out? Anyway, you can once again climb nearly everything in sight, and you can ride a flying machine. Diversity was the goal in the development for AC2, and it seems that it will indeed be less repetitive. Wow, two killed in one attack. The game looks REALLY GOOD. Ubisoft, you're doing SOMETHING right.

OK, Jack's back and he's hinting at Final Fantasy. Yep, a trailer for XIII is gonna be shown... but it's all CG and seemingly no gameplay... yet? Oh, yes there is. It looks pretty good- the in-game graphics, I mean. It's so sci-fi soapy, LOL, but the combat looks really good as usual.

"Square Enix is not stopping there." HOLY, Final Fantasy XIV already? "PS3 will be the ONLY console for it when it launches in 2010." Make sure of that, Sony. But 2010 already? If FF13 took so long to make, then why in ass is FF14 gonna oversee release in the same year? Maybe it's the fact that it's just online like FF11? "So there's one that didn't leak out, huh?," remarks Tretton.

Oh God, Monotype Corsiva. I hate yer font.

Uh-oh, motion control is being hinted at. "We're working to create something that reflects real life more closely than ever before," and he invites two guys to demo it.

"We wanna enable new experiences for Playstation 3. What I have in my hand is the prototype of a new controller." and what the hell is that? It even has a purple (tentatively) orb which reacts with the PlayStation Eye camera. Hmmm...

A tech demo appears, and it looks like... uhh... well, it seems to be a TV with an Eye camera on top and it's making a reflection of the demoer. It's pretty cute, pretty funny. Just the Wiimote with MotionPlus, not really Project Natal. How do you shoot from that thing, anyway?

The FPS mode seems pretty nice, but if the FPS is gonna be expansive, moving will have to be rather awkward. The sword and shield demo's pretty good though, but not anything new. Basically just the HD graphics version of the Wii. Release window is Spring 2010.

LittleBigPlanet gets Disney costumes now. How adorable is that Jack Sparrow suit?

A new franchise is gonna be revealed, and it's ModNation Racers. It's in the same vein as LittleBigPlanet in the "Play. Create. Share." aspect, and it seems like... well, I'm not sure what to feel about it yet. I don't think it's as charming as LBP, but perhaps it's for the casual hell of it.

I think it's more avatar sharing and cosmetic racing than anything. How about course creation which was the draw of LBP? No? Nothing? Just Mario Kart Wii for the PS3?

Oh, there it is. "Track Studio" is the name of the track creator. Looks like a pretty nice way to make tracks. Cool, it instantly lets you play right after making the track. OK, you can dress it up. Cool. It seems pretty fast too. I'm convinced. 2010 is the release window.

Jack Tretton gives a sneak peek to something now... What's this? Ah, Team ICO's new game, "The Last Guardian". A trailer's rolling.

Character models look rather different in a bit of a cartoony way, backgrounds that look real counter that though. Woah, that's a big... cat bird bat thingy? It doesn't look as epic as I thought it would be, but still nonetheless pretty darn epic in scale.

Gran Turismo 5 is next. Will it outdo Forza 3?

Yep, looks like it.

Next, must be God of War 3? Yep. And it's the first few minutes that's gonna be shown. Hell yeah.

Kickass live demo! Brutal, epic, and gorgeous. March 2010 is the release window.

It seems that GoW3 is the final game to be displayed, I guess. Jack says goodbye to everyone, and the conference has ended. Good job, Sony.

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