August 8, 2009

It's time to kill yourself. - Movies Opening This Week

It seems that several movies have shifted their release dates (probably due to fear that GI Joe will squash them terribly), namely Shorts and Paper Heart as featured last week. This week, however, Summit Entertainment has nothing (READ: everything) to fear as it is now releasing...

Did someone in Summit Entertainment think that they would actually be able recoup any production money with this movie? Personally, I don't think so.

Even if it has Vanessa Hudgens and a Mi-chuchu (I don't care to bother spelling her name right), those two names don't exactly bear a bankable aura. But enough about the business side of this movie, what's more important is the fact that Vanessa Hudgens still effin' sings! Horridly!

Seriously, white people rapping? Again?

It feels as if this movie should've be like a partnership between the Disney Channel for a made-for-TV movie or something. Seriously, I predict that this movie will bomb both commercially and critically. No question.

But a lot of questions will be raised once you watch...

The Time Traveler's Wife
Anything that has to do with time travel is bound to be incoherent or at least, convoluted, and the science-fiction-romance-drama that is The Time Traveler's Wife doesn't seem to be doing anything to correct the notion.

It stars Eric Bana as the time-traveler and Rachel McAdams is his wife. In various stages of her life, Henry, Bana's character, dissolves and lives his life through different timelines, which if you were in his position, would be rather annoying. Anyway, Clare, McAdams' character, makes an attempt to live a normal life, consistently glowing husband notwithstanding. Reminds me of Benjamin Button, kinda.

It would be interesting to see if Audrey Niffeneger's best-selling novel would stand its own in the big screen.

What's more interesting for me, though, is the Peter Jackson produced...

District 9
Deviating completely from his Oscar-winning LOTR films, Peter Jackson is now producing first-time director Neil Blomkamp's District 9. It's a sci-fi/horror/pseudo-documentary style film that talks about a slum-like district reserved for aliens.

Not much has been spilled plot-wise, but early reviews have stated it as "thoroughly original, super-realistic... that should be applauded as loud as we can" and "intense, graphically novelistic and just funny enough to keep you entertained even when the subtext is very serious". So yeah, keep an eye on this film. Seriously.

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