August 30, 2009

Ruining the movie - Movies Opening This Week

There was a time when Sandra Bullock was the queen of the rom-com, but when she decided to "quit", she kind of became a bit obscure. Now, she's aiming for a comeback at what she does best. She seemed to do it well in The Proposal, so why not her next movie...

All About Steve
I actually got a bit of faith when I saw the trailer for The Proposal. Bullock was at her best, and her costar Ryan Reynolds was actually a good choice for a partner since they exude a certain chemistry. Granted, I've yet to see the whole movie, but that trailer does give you an adequate enough inkling of what seems to be a harmlessly light and fun movie.

This one doesn't, but it'll make a crapton of money anyway.

Basically, All About Steve sees Sandra Bullock become a stalker to a guy (Bradley Cooper) she gets set up with one night (and yes, she stalks him because she is in love with him). Thing is, Bradley Cooper doesn't feel the same for her, especially since she doesn't particularly look very flattering. With Bullock in tow, you'd probably expect a bit of funny, but the trailer ruins practically what looks like the entire movie, thus making it look extremely disappointing. It's like one of those "5 Second Movies"... it's that badly edited.

The big draw here is actually Cooper though, because he'll be the one who'll draw the women to flock to the theater. Come on, admit it, it's true. They won't be there to just watch the movie, because they've seen it all before! They'll be there staring at him every step of the way, and they'll likely act like Bullock throughout the movie, I reckon.

Personally, I'll just catch this on Quiapo "Blu-ray".

For the men, they'll probably skip this one and maybe even go see...

Gerard Butler is back in action with a movie about games. It's not based on an actual game IP as far as I know, but it's about an uber-realistic video game character called Kable (Butler) looking for freedom from the player who controls him (through Natal?). Thing is, Kable's not just some ordinary video game character, he's actually a death row inmate. Policy in this world is that a death row inmate will be controlled by a player, and when they survive the "game" for 30 days, they're set free.

While one can legitimately call this premise high-concept, I don't think it's particularly groundbreaking though. Hell, it's kind of unethical, maybe even a bit allegorical. The not too original execution is the worst part, though. Reminds me of the not too hot Death Race what with all the inmates.

Maybe you want something lighter, though? Well, how about a comedy called...

Starring Jason Bateman, this comedy is about a factory owner who has to contend with problems both at home and work. Nothing else is very special about it... trailer does seem mildly funny though.

OK, this one probably made you feel numb and indifferent, so maybe it's okay if we just went to horror territory to make you even numb-er. You wouldn't feel it since you're already numb anyway.

An unoriginally boring pandemic "thriller", Carriers is about a group of people who try to help the sick people, but end up having to control them because they become zombies. Sound familiar? Because it is. I think it starts with a number... oh yeah, 28.

It would've been right to just shelve it forever, and that's because this has been in the back-burner for quite a while... apparently since '07! Obviously, this is pre-Star Trek Chris Pine, so don't get your hopes up, and get ready to just sleep through this derivative film.

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