September 10, 2009

iPhone and iPod touch 3.1 released

The people who feel left behind by the new models need not fret, as the best thing about owning an iPod touch or iPhone is their upgradability, meaning that most of the features that the newer models have, the older ones will most likely get.

Apple did not make much emphasis on the new features brought on by the new update since there aren't really any significantly pressing issues with the firmware 3.0. Still, it's recommended for all iPhone and iPod touch users to be able to access the latest apps.

The more obvious changes include the addition of Genius mixes which infinitely play a playlist of songs that sound great together without much user intervention, and Genius for Apps which recommend apps based on your collection.

Didn't I mention that it's now $5 for iPod touch users (upgrading from 2.2.1 firmware)?

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