September 12, 2009

iPod touch 3G could get FM Radio, camera?

An interesting possibility of Apple putting in the same FM Radio feature found in the current iPod nano through a firmware update is not at all impossible. Just moments ago, the device-tearing website iFixit ripped out the iPod touch to see its internals.

Apparently, the new iPod touch has a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip that's much more advanced than the one found in the iPhone 3GS as it not only unofficially supports 802.11n Wi-Fi, but it also receives and transmits FM radio signals. This means that an app could potentially leverage the FM capabilities of the chip (if made official and working) to transmit music to, say, your car stereo.

Also, there is an interesting gap that could've served as a location for a camera so it's made obvious that Apple must've scrapped this idea for the meantime, although a new model with a camera wouldn't be far behind.

Reports have said that the camera might've been scrapped due to the fact that the iPhone's autofocus camera wouldn't fit. There's a possibility that the nano's camera could be used (since the dimensions of the gap matches that of the nano's) but that must've been scrapped as well because the nano doesn't do photos, just videos.

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