September 10, 2009

Halo Rip-off, and more iPhone games

One of the key focuses of Apple in the App Store business is beating Nintendo and Sony at its game. But the weakest spot Apple has is the same Nintendo problem of shovelware. To quote Jeff Gerstmann of, "The iPhone may have 20,000 games, but 98% of it is shit."

Still, the event is here to actually show some decent games.

Assassin's Creed 2
One of Ubisoft's most profitable franchises comes back to the iPhone with better graphics and, well, Ezio. It looks like a ground-up remake, but the graphics are a bit disappointing.

It oversees release with the console editions.

Riddim Ribbon
Tapulous, renowned for its free Tap Tap Revenge games, has previewed its upcoming game Riddim Ribbon. So yes, Tap Tap 3 remains a mystery.

But enough about Tap Tap, it's actually a nice change of pace that the start-up is finally exploring some new ideas. This one is a mix-up of Amplitude and Audiosurf, and despite the stupid name, it actually looks very cool.

I will definitely be tuning in to this app on October.

A decidedly Halo-like shooter, Gameloft's Nova is a first-person shooter that has you shooting aliens. Yeah...

It features the same controls as Brothers in Arms, and while it's not necessarily bad, Wolfenstein 3D's controls are much better. Still, the graphics look pretty.

Madden NFL 10
The venerable sports series is making its debut on the iPhone this holiday season with intuitive controls and even a button that makes those plays flow in slow-bustin-motion.

Draw your strategy, and control your kicks... just for kicks.

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