September 5, 2009

Terminator... NOT - Movies Opening This Week

I wonder when the last time I watched a good post-apocalyptic movie was... perhaps Tim Burton can fill that void this week with...

The last time Focus Features released an animated film, it was the critically acclaimed Henry Sellick directed Coraline, now they get to release a movie produced by the director who practically jumpstarted Sellick's career, Tim Burton (and Wanted's Timur... err, he's Russian) called 9, and it seems to be following the footsteps that Coraline made critics-wise.

It looks insanely action-packed, and the story is something we've heard of before (Terminator-ish, in my book sans the time travel)... except for the scientist-gives-life-to-a-gang-of-nine-not-so-cute-Sackboys part.

Don't you wish they were this cute instead?

I can't say that I'm excited though for some strange reason. Maybe a semblance of character development would sway me? Whatever the case, I'll be watching it someday. It looks pretty good.

What doesn't look very good is Kate Beckinsale's new movie...

Set in Antarctica, Whiteout is a disaster-cum-mystery-cum-thriller movie that has Kate Beckinsale trying to escape a killer it seems. It was a good move not to actually show the killer, but the trailer doesn't particularly excite me nonetheless.

I wonder what else is special about this movie, really? I'm rather bored.

And then I wonder, if this bored me, then what about a chick flick?

Sorority Row
Oh wait a sec, this isn't even a chick flick!

Another movie where pretty teens get killed, this movie actually kind of reminds me of Friday the 13th in some parts so surely this is no Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

When five girls who belong to a sorority plan revenge on a guy who cheated, the prank goes wrong and they end up accidentally murdering her. They do not speak of it, but it comes back to haunt them. Talk about conscience.

Truly though, it's kinda stupid that if you assume a person is dead, why stab them again?! Stupid. It would've been more plausible to just bury her the eff alive.

The trailer has more tension than Whiteout, I'll give it that.

It's so weird that the multitude of horror movies are coming out waaay before Halloween (Halloween 2 is too), but at least there's a comedy squeezed in between. Last week was Extract, this week is yet another Tyler Perry flick...

Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself
Tyler Perry returns to his big momma persona with this new installment to his Madea character's, err, life I guess.

While the first teaser that came out (the one with the 911 call) was pretty funny, it was vague as to what it was about. Apparently, however, the 911 call was necessary because some kids ransacked her house, and she's taking care of them... by giving them back to their mother's sister... how comedically anti-climactic.

Now it's a whole different movie, I guess.

Still, I give Tyler Perry points for actually not resorting to just constantly pointing the Madea character too much as it would become too much like Big Momma's House or something, but he loses points once more because this is pretty much what he does every single damn movie he does. It's not bad by any means, but it's not exactly new new.

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