October 11, 2009

Competing "ha1lday" released, I think it works?

For those not a fan of having to jailbreak every time an iPod touch 3G is rebooted, the competing "ha1lday" jailbreak program has been launched, and quite personally, it's the most suspicious crap ever.

I won't be doing anything to the two iDevices in the house before someone else verifies the injection to be working. If it does, I'll update this post.

*UPDATE (6:09) There's a file all right, but... WHAT THE EFF IS THIS CRAP?

*UPDATE (6:15) @ferociousbird of the team has claimed that the "sdf" thing is an error. Will try it. Backing up iPod...

*UPDATE (6:20) WHAT THE... now @ferociousbird is claiming that the file he uploaded was wrong as shit. Good thing I haven't touched a single thing in my iPod yet.

*UPDATE (7:01) It's a convincing website that says, "Download Cydia" and "Download ferociousbird". Do you know where it ends up to?


Oh, for those on Multiply, "This." is a link. :)

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