October 11, 2009

How to jailbreak. Fast.

iPod touch and iPhone owners now have a one-click solution for jailbreaking. It's currently only available for Windows but a Mac and Linux version will surely come out eventually. However, there are several conditions that keep "blackra1n" from being a killer app:

1) If you rely on an iPhone unlock (meaning that you bought an iPhone under a carrier like Globe but got it "unlocked" so that you can use other carriers like Sun or Smart), do not download this app. If you have a Mac, you can use PwnageTool to create custom firmware that will preserve the prospect of an unlock.

2) The iPod touch 3G (the one released a month ago) is supported, but if you restart it, you'll need to do the jailbreak all over again.

So with that in mind, how to do it? Well, go to this website and click on the Windows logo. Yes, the Windows logo, trust me. It'll download the app "blackra1n.exe".

After the 600-some kilobyte download, you can open it. This is what you'll see.
Oh sorry, I forgot this was Windows. This is what you'll see.

Make sure your iPod touch or iPhone is connected before you get tempted to click that big grey button. If you do have it connected, just click it and let the app do its magic.

In my experience, it only took around a minute to get things up and running. The app will say that it's putting your iPhone in recovery mode and stuff, which means that your iPhone's screen will do a lot of crap. Don't mind that, that's normal. Once you see the picture of a man with rain as his background, that means success. You've jailbroken 3.1.2, be proud!

The iPhone/iPod touch will have a new icon (probably in the next page) that says "blackra1n". This will allow you to install such lovely sources as Cydia, Icy, and Rock. I advise you to go with Cydia since that's the source I've used ever since I first jailbroke my iPod. After you install Cydia, you can uninstall "blackra1n" if you feel like you won't ever use it again.

And if you've jailbroken (or pwned) your iPod touch or iPhone before, you can just do all that other crap again. Winterboard, NES emulators, what say you. If you don't trust my tutorial, then the two iDevices I have installing Cydia right now after the jailbreak might be from a non-existent dream.

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