October 21, 2009

Gorgeous new iMacs unveiled + quad core. Mind: blown.

Not everyone saw it coming, or at least, I didn't. After Apple announced their best quarter ever in an earnings report, the company just somehow managed to release some significant, and I mean significant, updates to their line-up, probably to combat the goodness that is Windows 7.

But Apple will make people discover that Windows will always be Windows (just as I discovered in my time with it) because just the looks of these new iMacs alone will kill.

While it looks like the old iMac model on the outside, there's something just different about it. It's still made of aluminum, but the screen technology has been improved so that it's more energy-efficient.

Like the Macbooks, the new iMacs use LED backlighting, and has a technology called IPS which basically expands the viewing angle and "ensures accurate color regardless of what angle you're viewing it on". The new iMacs come in a brilliant 21.5 inch screen size that outputs 1080p, that's full high-definition for all the other folks out there, but of course you can also opt for the 29 incher which outputs a resolution even higher than 1080p.

You won't even notice the new SD card slot right below the DVD slot (still no Blu-ray!) and in place of DVI, there's MiniDisplayPort.

But the more notable thing is that it already has a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse included out of the box.

The mouse is even more noteworthy because it is an all-new mouse that support multi-touch gestures: a vast improvement over the decidedly crappy Mighty Mouse we have today. Since Apple lost the lawsuit for the trademarked name Mighty Mouse, it's rather apt that they changed it to Magic Mouse, because multi-touch mice that can be configured for both left-handed and right-handed people can only be conjured up from Apple's design magic.

This new mouse responds to touch, swipes and gestures of the finger. Basically, you can click the whole enclosure to left-click, while clicking the top-right corner right-click's. I don't know if it will actually work because considering Apple's track record with mice, they're poor at best, but this looks extremely promising (and you can just replace the mouse with another one if you get sick of it).

Despite all the new stuff involved, the iMac line still keeps its price in between the $1000-$2000 range. The base $1,199 21.5" model starts with a dual-core processor, but it's cranked up all the way to 3.0 gigahertz so that's already a lot of value for money. The 29 inch model also features a dual-core process, but for 200 dollars more, you can opt in for a quad-core Core i5. Online, you can even configure it for a Core i7 with up to 16GB of RAM. That's a lot of power for a consumer all-in-one. Yes, expensive when via Apple (so get your RAM installed from other sources, kids!) but a lot of power.

It's a very attractive product, and I'm just salivating for a Magic Mouse right now, although I'll have to wait for some of the reviews before pulling the trigger on a purchase (esp. because the mouse costs $70). It will undoubtedly be one of the best evolutions of the product especially since it's going for a wireless setup (although I'll miss the smartly placed USB ports on the keyboard).

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