December 24, 2009

12 Days of Random Gift Ideas (Day 12)

In the last day of this 'mini-series', probably the only thing I can think of that can make a really good gift is pretty much the device that has served me so well throughout the past year:

Indeed, it is the iPod touch.

So when one thinks about the iPod touch, one immediately thinks of the word 'expensive' and 'unnecessary', but before you speak, I must say that this iPod is simply much more than a glorified MP3 player.

For crying out loud, it can also play games, surf the web and even make calls. Especially under a Wi-fi connection, this little thing will ALMOST replace a netbook what with the multitudes of apps, avant garde web browser (whose only weakness is probably the lack of plug-in support in general), and the primo user experience you can find in any MP3 player.

Also, as a bonus, it comes with the headphones with mic so you can create Voice Memos and even control music playback through your voice commands.

So maybe this post is already looking like something Apple paid me to do, but it's simply something I wrote out of love. This device is too damn good, even if sometimes, the battery feels like it STILL needs improvement (and it frigging needs a better blogging app that does rich text... it's not exactly pleasurable to type HTML to bolden, italicize or underline the text)...

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