December 8, 2009

Apple review process achievement unlocked...

Common Sense - Level 1.

A lot of App Store developers have gone under fire from Apple for including native hardware images.

One such example was the ConvertBot app that was rejected for having a similar clock icon as the "Recent Calls" clock icon used in the native Phone application, citing "user confusion based on the conflicting purposes that the icon was used for". Come on now, are you saying that a user can't know crap whether a clock is used in a context for conversion or for history? Get real, Apple.

Apparently though, Apple has finally become lenient on this policy, as it has started to allow apps that use "trademarked" Apple hardware images. An app called Mactracker is one of those apps that can finally breathe a sigh of relief as it is actually an app that relies on Apple hardware images to serve its purpose.

While Apple's app approval process means well, it still needs a ton of work. This move of common sense is a huge step forward.

And so is this personal move by Phil Schiller. Devs who put in fake reviews are simply despicable and need to be punished.

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