January 7, 2010

Microsoft unveils HP tablet

CES is kicking off and as usual, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage to, well, boast about how awesome Windows 7 is performing in the market. While I can't really disagree with the awesomeness of the product, it's not exactly the real star of the show.

Aside from an ultrathin laptop with a 21.5" HD display courtesy of Lenovo and a VAIO all-in-one laptop that sports a 24-inch touchscreen (which, IMO, is overkill), the show-stealer ultimately comes in the form of an upcoming HP tablet.

Obviously a response to rumors of a massively "revolutionary" tablet product from Apple, this Windows 7 powered tablet looks pretty cool. Ultimately, HP has already done touch screen enabled Vista before, so really, it isn't that much of a surprise. If anything, it's a testament to the power of Apple hype. The rumored iSlate is still vaporware at this point, and the competitors are already crashing in.


A clearer picture of Ballmer holding the device...

(Really, Twilight?)

Up close, you might think that it's actually very suspiciously iPhone-like. I mean, the unmistakable silver edges and simple black glass screen makes the influence unmistakable.

While undeniably sexy, the only thing that'll distinguish it from the market, is well, a distinguishable design that stays sexy. Kinda like... the Nexus One.

The first Android phone that's truly lustworthy.

But that's not exactly related to anything about this news article now is it?

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