January 8, 2010

Palm ups the ante... Wii Fit style?

CES is still fresh with new announcements and some of the latest hot gadget news come from Apple competitor Palm which dished up two of its prominent WebOS phones and improved upon them.

And they didn't even bother with just making a new phone.

Even though I consider WebOS a very nice phone OS, I simply can't fathom the fact that Palm didn't just announce a brand new phone, especially now that Google's entered the fold with the Nexus One (how's that for on-topic?). Will there be excitement when Palm starts to sell the 16GB Palm Pre Plus or the Wi-Fi enabled Palm Pixi Plus?

Not really.

But of course, those who have held off a purchase of these rather decent phones will enjoy the, err, did they even bump up the specs? Seriously? I mean, at least put in some new feature. If Apple could make MMS and video recording- two conventional staples of the mobile phone world- a big deal, maybe Palm could put in a Voice Control that's better than that of the iPhone's or something. The Nexus did that, why can't they?

A better piece of news would have to be the fact that Palm's finally opening up the SDK, it was about damn time.

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