January 26, 2010

Tablet Rumors Swirl

At this point, it's safe to say that speculation for an Apple Tablet has reached its peak, and the hype is undeniably high.

A lot of concept images (and fake 'real' pictures) have sprung up in the interwebs and quite frankly, they get more and more ludicrous (yet somewhat believable) by the hour. It's seriously insane!

Some say it'll hit the $600 spot, which is something I'd kind of bite depending on features and OS, but some also say it'll be subsidized ala the iPhone, and will possess always on 3G so you don't need a Tattoo or a BRO.

Of course, everything's speculation at this point, and Wednesday's event will be the only determinant of everything. Thursday in Philippine time.

Steve Jobs has been quoted in the Q1 2010 earnings report (a whopping $3.62 billion, btw) as saying, "This will be the most important product we'll ever ship."

Setting the bar quite high, Apple. Don't overdo it.

Stay tuned for more tablet news (or otherwise) in this blog.

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