January 23, 2010

Movies Opening This Week: A Rock Gone Soft

Since Get Smart credited Dwayne Johnson as just "Dwayne Johnson" instead of "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson", you get the impression that the guy is serious about acting and showbiz, so Dwayne, gonna prove that commitment?

The Tooth Fairy
Maybe not.

So yeah, in pursuit of a spiritual successor to The Game Plan, this new Disney film has the former wrestler duking it out in hockey, but the guy gets soft after he gets transformed into one of those tooth fairies.

Apparently, he has to become a tooth fairy so he can learn how not to ruin a child's dreams.

Oh, he wears a tutu in the process.

AND YET, the Rotten Tomatoes critical consensus states that the film is "unacceptably dull". Wait a minute, The Rock in a tutu is dull? It's like Junior all over again. Only thing is, The Rock doesn't have awesome movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger has awesome movies.

Speaking of awesome though, check out this awesomely sentimental movie.

And I mean that in the worst way possible.

Extraordinary Measures
So OK, Brendan Fraser in a drama is something I can't bear to take again.

See him ham it up once more in this CBS film where disease and miracles are the flavors of the day.

John and Aileen Crowley are basically a couple who have two children who are dying of the same disease, but this specific disease is quite rare so as a final resort, they finance experimental research for a cure.

Call me cynical but I think we already have too much of these kinds of heavy-handed, so-called "inspirational" movies that force you to believe in miracles. I know it's based from a true story, but I'd rather much see this from a documentary perspective, instead of making it a full-blown skit with unbelievable scenes and clunky dialogue.

Still, I gotta hand it to Harrison Ford, his performance does look pretty decent.

Speaking of hamming it up though, here's a Dennis Quaid.

When you see Screen Gems, you're 75% sure to see something about the supernatural. And instead of making another stupid Underworld movie with vampires and werewolves (to its credit, Underworld did at least start before Twilight), they're going for the angels.

And oh, they're the bad guys.

Apparently, God was losing faith in humanity, so instead of sending in a flood like last time, he sent the angels to exterminate humanity and let the world start anew.

Of course, there are sure to be a lot of campy moments, as I laughed a lot with the trailer (intentionally or unintentionally... it kinda doesn't matter), and well, the inclusion of Dennis Quaid certainly puts the nail on that coffin.

I'll watch this, if only for the laughs. If taken seriously, this movie will definitely suck.

And when you think about the plot, well, it kinda has a few holes too.

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